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Rare Cookbook Release

Table Tucker is my original fresh food cooking system. Cook three times every week. To access my once-a-month freezer cooking system please click the link here.

My new and improved annual DOLLAR DINNERS cooking system is launching soon. If you want to get your head around my cooking and saving methods you can grab entry to my older cookbook(online course) by clicking the button below. The price is $10. You'll save stacks and also get a discount when my new cooking system launches. Any groceries you invest in can be used in my new book - so you can hit the ground running when the time comes. Table Tucker is great if you want a break from bulk (freezer) cooking and cook different meals while organising for a new month.

Save Time, Money, Sanity & the World


Save 6.5 hours a week on clearing food waste, deciding on dinner, grocery shopping, cooking, washing up and making lunches


Save $196 a week on reducing food waste, buying in bulk, petrol, rash buys, energy, water and leftovers


Save priceless sanity through spending more time with family, relaxing in the evenings, a healthier lifestyle & good karma living


Save 9,254 litres of water by eating vegetarian once a week, washing up, buying fresh and in bulk using less energy

Inside Table Tucker

The Good-Karma Cookbook

15 Reasons to Love Table Tucker

  • Ideal for students, singles, couples, single parents, working families, pensioners… well, everyone!
  • Save thousands on groceries every year
  • Save time, money and petrol by buying in bulk
  • Annual, seasonal and monthly pantries
  • Shopping lists for every season and week of the year
  • Cook only three times a week and put your feet up
  • Revolutionary quick scan recipe format
  • Easy everyday recipes your mum would cook you
  • Uses seasonal veggies you can plant ahead of time
  • Earth-happy core principles
  • Flexible system that works for any situation
  • Meals account for lunches and leftovers too
  • Dinner served 24/7 all year round
  • Instant inspiration anecdotes to ponder over
  • Easily delegate your shopping to others

Author spotlight

As a time-poor working mum Penina Petersen started writing her own cookbook, TABLE TUCKER, because she couldn’t find a product in the market that suited her needs. Penina needed a book that would not only save her family money, but that would also take away the hassle of figuring out what to have for dinner every night of the week. The book also needed to be healthy, budget, easy and quick. Penina Petersen’s system was an immediate sensation and the rest is history. Penina Petersen now writes for her blog the Savings Room and continues to make headlines at home in Australia and abroad with her new cooking system Dollar Dinners. 

Penina Petersen

Readers Say

Table Tucker is a great planner….The menu planner tied in with the shopping list and pantry lists is a wonderful guide for avoiding waste, but having all of the basics at hand. And the meals are interesting & tasty! Highly recommended!

Patricia (Fishpond Review)

One of the best things I have done is get a copy of the book ‘Table Tucker’ by Penina Petersen.
So this book has weekly menus divided into Early summer, mid summer and late summer (same for Autumn, spring and Winter), The idea is you cook one night, and have the next night off. 

Ace Mummy (Essential Baby)

Great book! I don’t follow it to the letter but it certainly has saved time and stress over what to shop for and cook!

Meredith (Fishpond Review)

336 Pages of Pure Help & Relaxation

Intro Pages

  • Welcome 
  • Core Principles
  • How to Use TT
  • Easy Measures
  • Temperature Guide
  • Kitchen Gear,
  • Sub or Swap
  • Ingredients
  • Method Assumptions
  • Safety Guide
  • Quick Start

Inside the Book

  • Annual, Seasonal & Monthly pantries
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Menus
  • 280+ Seasonal Recipes
  • 12 Monthly Instant Inspiration Pages
  • 24 Shopping & Cooking Home Hint Pages
  • Ways to Spend Your Savings
  • 4 x Number Crunch Pages
  • 52 Weekly Grocery Lists
  • Dinners Sorted for the Entire Year
  • Simple Christmas, Table Essentials & Cool Gift Ideas

End Pages

  • Lingo & Glossary
  • Prep, Leftovers & Budgeting Tips
  • Make Your Own Dressings & Sauces
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Ideas
  • Safe & Cold Food Storage Charts
  • Earth-Happy Tips
  • Menu Index & More
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