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About Cookbook

Smiley family eating pastaTable Tucker is a revolutionary culinary manifesto written by an Aussie mum from the country who wanted to beat spiralling grocery prices and solve the eternal dilemma of what to cook for dinner. With her book, she’s made leftovers and buying groceries in bulk (and seasonally) fashionable, easy and seriously worth it. Table Tucker is the ultimate budget cookbook where the recipes and shopping lists work together to help you arrange your cooking schedule so you only have to prepare meals three times a week and then put your feet up! Slash your grocery bills with Table Tucker’s shopping lists to reduce waste and save you serious money on your household budget.

Inside Cookbook

  1. 52 weeks of menu plans and shopping lists
  2. 280 easy everyday family friendly recipes
  3. Annual, seasonal and monthly pantries for buying in bulk
  4. New quick scan recipe format
  5. Meals create lunches and leftover meals too
  6. A flexible cooking system that works for many situations
  7. Earth-happy core principles
  8. There is even a section dedicated to Christmas!
  9. Precious wisdom to motivate and inspire
  10. Enjoy No Cook Mondays, Unwind Wednesdays and Freedom Fridays!

Table Tucker will help busy people

  1. Save thousands on groceries every year
  2. Cook only three nights each week
  3. Delegate shopping to others in the home
  4. Plant veggies ahead of the season for recipes
  5. Reduce time and stress at the supermarket
  6. Find weekly inspiration through wisdom pages
  7. Access shopping lists available via our website and apps